The new reference music server from the reference makers of music servers!

The Aurender W20 is designed to be used as a reference music server and player for the best performing audio systems and properly tagged high resolution digital music collections.

The Aurender W20 Music Server comes equipped with a unique clock design incorporating three Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators with a Field Programmable Gate Array selected for the lowest jitter and highest performance in a digtal Phase Locked Loop system.

In response to numerous requests from recording studios and audiophiles with audio systems incorporating a Master Word Clock, the Aurender W20 Music Server comes equipped with a BNC input for Master Word Clocks and USB data ports that can be linked to automatically control the sample rate of external clocks

Many high performance discrete digital-to-analog converters require dual-wire AES/EBU mode to separate audio transmissions of the left and right channels for higher fidelity and the Aurender W20 Music Server is the first audiophile music server and player to offer dual-wire support.

Many modern high performance digital-to-analog converters are compatible with USB Audio Class 2.0 and the Aurender W20 Music Server comes equipped with a uniquely designed very "clean" USB Audio Class 2.0 output. Since critical audio circuits are powered by noiseless DC batteries, the audio signal needs to be buffered and then transmitted in USB Audio Class 2.0 standard. The Aurender W20 uses a proprietary buffering circuit to prevent noise and jitter in addition to protection of critical circuits from outside interference using metal shielding.

The Aurender W20 Music Server with iPad App features an audio board containing all the critical audio components which is powered by two banks of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries that alternate charging cycles and require zero user intervention. This eliminates the need for filters and isolates the audio circuits from ground noise coming from the electrical mains. A third bank of LiFePO4 batteries act as an un-interruptible power supply in case of any sudden electrical power failures, the Aurender W20 will power down and turn off safely without any damage.

A fanless high grade switching mode power supply is used to economically supply clean power to the CPU board, drives and front panel. The computer mainboard, audio board and most of the components used in the Aurender W20 Music Server were developed in-house by teams of TVLogic engineers and meticulously developed through years of research and development into music servers and user convenience.

The Aurender W20 Music Server comes with two 3TB internal hard disk drives for a total of 6TB storage capacity. These hard drives are suspended using rubber damping on aluminum brackets and encased in a thick block of precision machined aluminum to minimize vibrations, acoustic and electromagnetic noise. While the hard drives are used for storage, songs are cached to a solid-state drive for playback, thereby eliminating problems with latency and jitter associated with spinning disks and drives.

Control of the W20 is done via the same award-winning Aurender iPad user interface that is implemented for the S10. A luxurious, intuitive and rich interface that lets you connect with your music collection, instantly play and build playlists with absolute ease.
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