Vantage automation
Vantage home automation
Built upon a 20-year legacy of
innovation in the lighting control
industry, Vantage offers a full range of
luxury home solutions in the categories of lighting, entertainment, and comfort. Designed to seamlessly combine aesthetics and technology, Vantage systems give homeowners unprecedented control over every facet of their lives at home.
A Kaleidescape System simplifies
the way you collect, manage and
enjoy your movies and music. It will
store and automatically organize your
collections for fast, easy access. Browse
your collections using the system's innovative, intuitive interface.
Designed and built with beauty,
simplicity, functionality and an
extremely elegant user interface,
Gato Auido electronics possess both
brute strenght and finesse to bring the sublest musical detail to life with precision and authority.
With a range of components
stretching from compact high-end
systems to reference grade
high-end stereo components, the
reliability, musicality, great aesthetics
and seamless quality, T+A components
cater for everything a discerning user could wish for.
Gato Audio
Tweak Technologies specializes in high end audio, video and home automation